What to wear for senior pictures?

The goal is to have as much variety in your images as possible without sacraficing time shooting.  You will have a set number of outfits, but there are plenty of ways to add variety to your look!

  1. To save time, try bringing your favorite pair of jeans and a few different tops with a cami underneath. This allows you to change your top once or twice without changing everything– and we don’t even need to go back to the studio to change.
  2. Accessorize! Keep your outfit the same, but swap out accessories to mix it up. This includes jackets, hoodies, sweaters, jewlery, scarves, sun glasses, and/or props.
  3. Make sure your outfit changes are very different. For example, your first “outfit” might be jeans and a hoddie, your second outfit can be athletic wear, the third a pair of pants and blouse, and finally a simple summer dress with heels.
  4. Alternate between colors and styles. Think solids vs. patterns, loud colors vs. soft colors, t-shirts vs. button shirts, pants vs. skirts, formal vs. casual, bold vs. timeless.
  5. Bring props that illustrate who you are and what is important to you. This can be athletic accessories such as a soccer ball, a musical instrument, books, your iphone, laptop, etc.
  6. There is no additional charge for a pet, friend, or sibling to be incorporated into your images.
  7. Be prepared and arrive with your outfits organized. Use hangers with a garment bag over the top. Don’t stuff it in a duffel! This will reduce wrinkles and fold lines.

Add’l Clothing Style Tips

  • High waisted pants and skirts give you a flattering curvy shape and you’ll love how long your legs will look.
  • Show off your sense style with patterns, stripes, plaids, prints, and checks! However, be sure to still bring something solid and “timeless” for years to come.
  • Spring and summer scarves are a great way to accessorize your images. Scarves are perfect for active poses such as brisk walking, swinging, dancing.
  • Wear a bright colored art necklace to bring attention to your face.
  • You can also bring attention to your face by incorporating hair accessories, such as headbands and feathered peices.
  • Cinched belts and oversized bracelets add sparkle and definition to your attire.
  • Hoodies with bright colors, bold patterns, and metallic embroidery are another way to jazz up an outfit!

Finally, think about what you want to use the pictures for. Your school might have special requirements for their yearbook photos, your grandmother might want something classic, and you might want something professional to use during your first year of college. Keep the end result in mind as you select the clothing you wish to wear.

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