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Reiko’s Senior Pictures

We took Reiko’s senior pictures at the surrounding areas of my studio, Greenlake, and then at Downtown Park of Bellevue. Reiko is caring, fun-loving, responsible, and a great listener. She will spend her summer volunteering at the children’s hospital and… I also heard something about a fun excursion to Japan and Disneyworld Tokyo. Reiko has...

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Jordyn’s Senior Pictures

Jordyn and I had such a great session yesterday! She was our first 2010 senior model.  The weather threw us some curve balls, it started out gray and cloudy, poured till we were soaked, and then turned into the most beautiful sunny afternoon in Seattle. Jordyn has the spirit and optimistic outlook of a true world adventurer. When the...

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Shelb’s Senior Pictures

My little sister Michelle is graduating high school, and incidentally graduating with her associate’s degree this spring. She is the most beautiful red headed, freckly, cheerful gal you could know. I still think fondly of her as a little pebbles flinstone toddler wobling around. She was my best pal throughout my growing up years and...

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