Liz’s Senior Pictures

Liz’s session was last Sunday evening and we hit some of the urban areas around my gallery and then we hit Greenlake, which was very busy due the warm weather. Liz was referred to me by a senior named Sara that came to me for her senior pictures a couple of years ago.

Liz loves to draw and aspires to become an artist and is playing around with various mediums. She also loves french and hopes to spend some time in France as part of her college experience. She’s planning to work hard this summer as a life guard slash swiming teacher to buy a car! Liz is caring, funny, and a good friend.

Senior Portraits on Orcas Island

Anika and her two friends, Tyler and Brittanie, invited me to Orcas Island to do their senior portraits a few weeks ago. They are actually graduating today I believe! Congratulations! They attended the Orcas Island Public and Private School. They had put a lot of thought into their session and had a skate board park, lime green chairs, a wooden tree swing, and a bright red tutu ready when I arrived. Not to mention some of the most beautiful scenery in Western Washington!

Anika is an aspiring photographer herself so I tried to guide her through some of the steps I was taking as I captured her and her friends photos. She plans to travel to the other side of the country and work for an established photographer in Florida next year. I love to see seniors aspiring to fill independent and creative roles, and I am also a little partial to photography!;)

Orcas Island is a wonderful place. Thank you Anika for allowing me to visit!

Gabrielle’s Senior Slideshow

Gabrielle came from Snohomish for her senior pictures. She wanted a natural backdrop so we choose the Arboretum at the University of Washington for her session. It was a perfect day, lots of golden sunshine and a very green environment.

Gabrielle plays the French Horn for her school’s marching band. In fact, she has played a lot of instruments including Percussion, Piano, Violin, and currently she is learning to play the Trumpet. She volunteers with a program called PantherPal to work with Elementary students and acts as their “big sister” or “big brother.” Gabrielle first struck me as a sweet person and has a rich sense of her own personal style.

Julia’s Senior Photos

It was another rainy Seattle day at Julia’s senior photo session, which actually made for excellent shooting conditions and a dominate sky for a backdrop. We took some pictures at Greenlake and then drove down to SODO industrial area for some urban photos of train tracks, graffiti, brick buildings, and overal decay. We ended at Alki beach overlooking the very cloudy, very rainy Seattle skyline.

Julia is open, confident, brave, and a talented singer and actress. She plans to spend her Summer in Las Angeles this year and after graduation she is off to College at BYU (located in my home state). Julia’s even going to audition for American Idol! I am so excited to see how she does. Her life is an adventure and will become even more exciting with her ambitions for the future.

Laine’s Senior Photos

Laine joined me for senior pictures a couple weeks ago. Taking note of the rainy weather we moved right to the locations we planned for the session. We hit Gasworks Park first, then some streets on Capitol Hill, and ended with Volunteer Park. It was pouring by the final strech but I think be the pictures turned out great!

Laine is a very friendly, cheerful and outgoing person. She attends The Bush School on capitol hill. Laine actually enjoys school and her classes and plans to study psychology and communications in college. She is involved in the theatre program and she (like Reiko below) volunteers at the Children’s Hospital! I am so lucky to be able to photograph such talented and giving seniors! Laine also has the sweetest relationship with her Dad. He followed us around on his bike from location to location. I always have a soft spot for father-daughter relationships like Laine has with her Dad.